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Our story of

The Chelsea Bakery

Almost 45 years ago, Mr. Bath’s culinary odyssey kicked off in a modest flour mill.

With unwavering dedication and a whole lot of heart, he whipped up the finest flour you could imagine.

Today, his grandsons, fueled by his passion and an abiding love for all things sweet, run an internationally renowned bakery nestled right in the heart of England, celebrated for its truly delectable creations!


explore the range
  • 100% family owned & run


  •  Award winning… We’ve won

    the bakery of the year award 2

    times in a row.

  •  We’ve been baking for over

    40 years.

  •  We lovingly hand decorate

    our cakes.

  •  Baked freshly in the UK and

    shipped all around the world.

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